Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Waaaaaah.... why can't I just stick to my list?!

I still have 2 tutus, 1 mermaid costume and a doll changing bag and stuff to make so why, WHY have I just cut the pattern and outer material for 2 pinafore dresses?! And WHY have I cut the pattern for a pair of 4-5 pyjamas with the plan of cutting the pattern for the 2-3s tomorrow and finding the fabric tomorrow too. Not to mention the material for the bustle skirt that is sat in my dining room awaiting the arrival of the zipper and the lining material. Also 2 metres of lovely red draping material may have accidentally been purchased with the plan of making 2 superhero capes for the girls.

We have 7 days before we got to France, all of these projects need to be done by then (actually the mermaid needs to be done for Saturday and at least one tutu for Monday). I don't even have 2 full mornings off this week as it is the Preschool Concert on Wednesday so I will be back at school about an hour after drop off! And I still have to pack, for 4 of us, including all Christmas stuff whilst the girls are on holiday and they will be bored. At least Paul is a happy boy right now as I bought him Ski Boots on Saturday, he is now banned from telling me his feet hurt when he comes home after skiing.

Right so the plan of action is:

Tuesday: Nip to Haberdasher before swimming to find purple lining fabric for the pinafores and ribbon for the tutus and possibly some brushed cotton for the PJs. Evening sewing will be the tutus.

Wednesday: Daytime sewing will be the 2 pinafores before the concert. Evening sewing will be the mermaid outfit (providing the material arrives, if not the changing bags).

Thursday: Go to other Haberdasher if necessary to get material if I couldn't find it on Tues (with Clara in tow [hyperventilates]) Evening sewing, what ever I didn't do the previous night (if the material arrives again).

Friday: Daytime sewing: Bustle Skirt if the material has arrived. Make a start on the Pyjamas. Evening Sewing: Superhero Capes

Saturday: Make Marshallow Mountain in the am for Partay in the evening... I am going as Bellatrix Lestrange to Jane's Christmas Party... I hope I don't terrify any of the kids!

Sunday: Keel over!

Of course this is all dependant on the material I ordered from Ebay arriving in a timely manner!



Muddling Along Mummy said...

You're making me feel dizzy with that much to do - I'm struggling to do a fraction of that

Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Well done you Vix on all you have been making. To quote strictly - "Aaaa maaaay zing" Have fun in France x Cally