Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Do hiccups give anyone else The Rage?

Or is it just me who is totally and utterly irrationally irritated by them. Clara is sat on my lap hiccuping and it is all I can do not to throttle her to get them to stop. I loved them when the girls hiccuped in utero but outside of that if anyone has them I get a distinct urge to do some serious harm. Worse yet when an adult has them and refuses to try cures, then the red mist descends but because I am aware it is totally irrational I can't act on it.


[and breathe]


Bryony said...

Not hiccups but continous sneezing does me :o) x

Charlotte said...

Yes, but then I'm totally unreasonable about any kind of noise emanating from anyone. Grrrrr.