Monday, 30 November 2009

The deed is done...

I have applied for Phoebe's primary school place for Sept 2010. Now we have to wait until midday on the 25th March 2010 until we find out where she will be attending.

We went for the headteacher with the bright pink tights. We got the best feeling from that school and it seemed to match our parenting preferences, respect our faith and generally suit Phoebe's personality best. The only con we could come up with was that I would have to drive Phoebe to school as although it is close it is all uphill and not doable with both children especially as I would have to get Clara to preschool pretty fast after dropping Phoebe off. Second on our list was closer but it only takes one intake per year (so if you get stuck with a bully you really are stuck) and we didn't get the same feeling as we did from the first one. 3rd school was the only other non denominational school close to us and we didn't get a great feeling at all. For a start we don't know if we met the head or not, I suspect not as the woman who showed us around (and I use the term loosely) didn't seem to know a huge amount. Not a great impression at all really!

I just have to hope we get in to one of the first two so we don't have to go down the appeal route. Or worse yet get into a school that we haven't put as a preference. I have no problem with a Christian school (well, I do but only because I think religion and education should be kept separate, it doesn't seem fair that some children get more advantages because their school receives funds from a church) but I don't think it is appropriate for the girls to attend one given our faith. Choosing schools is such a minefield!

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