Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ok new plan for tonight.

Seeing as I didn't do the tutus last night in favour of the pinafores and the fabric for the mermaid still hasn't turned up [sob]. Tonight I will be doing Tutus whilst Paul cuts the 2-3 pattern for the pjs and then I will do the Changing bag  and other stuff whilst he is cutting the fabric for the PJs.

I am getting mildly (ha!) stressed by the lack of fabric hitting my front door mat, I really hope it comes tomorrow or I am going to be out of my mind with worry. I really want to get the Mermaid done now, especially as Rowan may well decide to dress up as one at Saturday's party.

Clara is home from school tomorrow so I won't get anything done as her bum is permanently welded to my lap and if I stand up then she is welded to my leg instead with the constant high pitched shriek of "UPPP". Very very very very very irritating and frustrating as I do actually want to get on with stuff and not be her own personal armchair / sedan chair.

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

Wow ! I'm still incredulous at how much you can do