Thursday, 24 December 2009

Look Who's Skiing!

Phoebe had a tiny go on skis at Easter this year. Seriously about 30 minutes so today's 1 hr 1:1 ski lesson with Fabienne was cause for a little worry from me. I didn't know how she would react at all. We had a hell of a journey yesterday, they were late to bed and early awakening so she was a bit on the tired side but was keen to go!

We drove up the mountain and then walked up to the place we were using as basecamp. Paul, Mum and Liz had caught the button lift and gone to get their lift passes and then skied over to join us. Phoebe had a swift waffle before her lesson. Then we made a little mistake, well a couple. Firstly Paul, Mum and Liz skied off, Phoebe was dreadfully upset and wanted Daddy there at the drop off for school. Still lesson learned. Secondly we put Phoebe's boots on too early resulting in the most spectacular tantrum in the restaurant (heads were turned!). She was fine, I had made a silly mistake of putting tights and socks on her and they were just a little bit too tight, again lesson learned!

We finally made it over to the dop off point and Phoebe and I found her teacher whilst Grande (and Liz) and Clara sat nearby. They eventually headed off to the restaurant and I went with Phoebe to just be there quietly in the corner so she didn't feel abandoned. She did brilliantly! She was skiing without holding hands in about 10 minutes and can now snowplow to slow down and (sometimes) stop. Aiming is something that needs tackling but hey we have time!

Here is a little Video of her skiing

My clever girly! She only lasted 45 minutes today, but she is keen to go back tomorrow so I am counting it as a success!

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l'optimiste said...

aw! she looks so teeny weeny and far away!