Saturday, 19 December 2009

What a fab fab fab day!

A definite good day. I had a lie in until 9.30am ish when I had a surprise wake up from a Miss Clara presenting me with a picture her Daddy had drawn of a birthday cake and instructing me to be careful of the candles because they were hot, and then one to blow them out. Once I had done this she told me well done and went on her merry way. The mind boggles.

Anyway, we all got up and went out to grab a few last minute bits that we needed. I had to get my eyebrows and lips waxed as it looked like caterpillars were starting an invasion on my face, I needed to swap a book, Paul had some boots to take back for me (he had paid for them on his card so he had to do it) and I needed a few bits from the haberdasher.

When we got home I started to make the girl's capes, I would have done them in advance but I was waiting for fabric that didn't arrive. Thankfully I had some left over purple lining material so I was able to use that. I made them fairly easily and quickly and then I appliqu├ęd a P and a C on the back of them! Phoebe loved hers, the original plan was for the girls to wear them with their party dresses but I suggested to Phoebe she might like to wear her swimsuit over tights and a long sleeved tee shirt and she looked ace!

Clara, however, said she didn't want the cape, she wanted to be a pink princess and she was not to be trifled with so we went with what she wanted.

Just be fore we left the house Paul said how fab it would be if Moose had a cape so it could be SuperPhoebe with her side kick WonderMoose, guess which muggins couldn't not face that challenge!

We got in the car and headed down to the party. Jane, as ever, had done herself proud with a party spread that was rather fantastic. I had made a marshmallow mountain for her and was delighted when grown ups spotted it and commented that they were glad to see it as they remembered last years! This year I had decent glitter though lol! Anyway she had also organised 2 tables, one full of pencils and things to colour in and the other table had hydrophobic sand, science putty and some sort of magic snow stuff. Fabulous entertainment for all, especially with Jane dressed as Nina from Nina and the Neurons! Once everything was in full swing the magician did a show for 45 minutes, they were enthralled!

His final trick was producing a bunny from a magic house, all of the children were in love with the most gorgeous white bunny. Phoebe would have happily stroked it all afternoon I think and even Clara got over her fear of men in funny clothes and went for a little stroke.

Speaking of costumes there were some fabulous ones amongst the adults. Jane as Nina, her mother was the Christmas Fairy, her Dad came as Mr Incredible, Tracey was Tinkerbell and there was a Witch and Cruella Deville too. Paul put on a name tag with "God", he is the king of the understated costume (last year he wrote Tom on his thumb!). I attempted to go as Bellatrix Lestrange but I forgot my make up bag in the dash to get out of the house so I just looked pretty I think. With the kids we had solders, princesses, one of the 3 kings, darth vader, super Phoebe, an angel, a cat and, possibly my favourite, Lexi dressed as Chernabog (the big devil thing at the end of Fantastia, it was his choice!).

After the magic show they all had tea and then Father Christmas came for a little visit and handed out some gifts to all the kids. Again even Phoebe and Clara went up without tears (at their Christmas Concert Clara Bawled when she saw Father Christmas and declared him too scary!).

Once all the other children had gone we hung back to help clear up and borrow Jane's fake tree (no point buying a real one for us this year). I asked Rowan and Lexi if they wanted to try on the costumes I had made for them (they opened them earlier in the day) and they did. It has absolutely made my day / year / Christmas that they loved them! Rowan skipped around as a mermaid being Ariel and Lexi was happily stomping around being a Lexi-sorus! Both outfits fitted them beautifully and it was so nice seeing something that I had made and, well, invented making two such lovely children happy!


A very happy day that we have just wrapped up with a delicious Chinese take away! Nom Nom Nom!

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l'optimiste said...

hydrophobic sand??

love the phoros and so chuffed that you were such an incredible success! clapping!

"Vix's Party Clobber"...I will link it on my blog, and we could hang some mermaid costumes in the shop to sell! come on, I dare you...:o)