Friday, 18 December 2009

Mermaid hell....

Well I can breathe a sigh of relief because the fabric to make Rowan's mermaid outfit showed up today.

Actually whilst I am here can I just name and praise the two posties I have. I live next door to the grey storage locker they have so the first postie comes in the van and brings any parcels, if they are oversized then he pops it into me. The second postie is our regular one and knows that we do the school run at 12.30 so either drops in parcels and letters before then or will pop back after he has done his round to drop a parcel in for us. They always say hello to the girls and any letters that hit our doormat are always welcomed by a shout of thank you by the girls. They also worked through the strikes so yay for them! I will most certainly be leaving a Christmas Tip for them (probably in the shape of biscuits or something similar). I know I am lucky to have such lovely posties and I really do value them, especially as going to the sorting office isn't particularly easy for me right now.

Anyway, back to the mermaid hell. The fabric showed up and I had my plan. I was going to do the pinafore dress but with an organza back and tail. I didn't factor into this that the blue sparkly dress material was see through until I was half way through making it.... gah! So I had to make a lining for it thankfully the silver material I ordered to make my skirt turned up today aswell and I had extra. I kinda lost my mojo today too and I couldn't make sense of what I was doing. Paul helped this evening and we finally got it done. Not quite how I planned it but I quite like it. I hope Rowan will too!



I might trim the tail organza back a bit more... it is a bit too froo froo.

After all that trouble I had to do something I know I couldn't muck up so I started on my bustle skirt (pattern in Sew Hip! October issue) that I am planning on wearing on Christmas Day. I have my eye on a pair of patent grey mary janes that would compliment it nicely, a new grey top would go well too!

Only 5.25 more makes to do and 5 days to do it in... Hopefully the zip for the skirt will arrive tomorrow so I can finish that. I am also hopeful that the red material for the superhero capes turns up so I can make those too (the girls want to wear them on Saturday so they can be Super-Phoebe and Super-Clara). Then I just have the PJs and the nappy change bag to do. Our new plan is to cut all the patterns tomorrow and Saturday and then Paul will get the girls to help him do some cleaning / throwing out on Sunday whilst I sit in the dining room and sew until it is all done! I really want it all done by Monday as I don't want to spend the night of Yule sewing, I want to feast and celebrate the returning light.

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l'optimiste said...

can't WAIT for pics of Super-Phoebe and Super-Clara!! :o)