Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ahh back in Blighty!

We got back home at lunch time today. I had a fab week away with Mum, Rob et al but oh my I am glad to be home! I am currently curled up under my lovely new Slanket and I came home to a Lakeland Delivery... does it get better? Well yes I also know there is a John Lewis package next door that contains my new sewing machine with [gasp of delight] an automatic buttonholer! Sadly my neighbour has gone out so I have to wait [wail].

You will be pleased to know that the trip home wasn't nearly as traumatic as the trip here. We were only delayed for 40 minutes and none of that was trapped in the plane. The girls behaved impeccably on the flight and were lovely. And I feel I topped up my karma by helping out a young women with a broken wrist when she was having problems getting on the flight (they weren't going to let her fly and she was pretty upset as she just wanted to go home) and Paul gave up his seat on the shuttle bus to an elderly couple too.

Anyway, onto the important stuff. I bought magnetic measuring spoons (big and small) 2 loaf tins and a poncy cheese grater from Lakeland for a pretty barginatious price too, I could have spent SOOOO much more as always! My new sewing machine is a Janome 4618 and I bought it with my John Lewis Vouchers that I got from Mum, I still have lots of spendy paper to use in their haberdasher dept and I think I will drag Annabel along for some sewing porn fun! I am tempted by a walking foot and maybe also a roller foot, I have no real clue what these are but someone on The Sewing Forum recommended them and they sound good. I will research more before purchase of course. I also have 2 lovely new patchwork books and tomorrow I am hopeful that we will pop into town (well we have to buy nice food for our traditional new years eve carpet picnic) and I can swap my Cath Kidson "Make" for "Sew". We are also going to buy "Just Dance" for the Wii with our WHsmith voucher (I really hope it is in stock!).

We also got the vouchers Dad sent the girls for Christmas in the stack of post today (I gave my postie carte blanche to sign for things and put them through the door so I didn't have to worry about stuff like that when I was away). So we popped out to ELC today to see what we could find. The Kitchen we want to buy them wasn't back in stock after the Christmas Hoards but we did get a cool wooden bread bin, a dairy set and pretend M&S tins in advance of the kitchen. We also got them a new pram as their first birthday prams are too small for them now (and don't fold away) so the small ones will go in the loft when we put the decs away and the new one will stay out (or live under the stairs, as we got one that folds flat!). Clara has put 2 of her (many) babies to bed in it already. I think I will make some nice bedding for it to make it cosier and maybe some little toys too!

I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed tonight without fear of either having to move a child or, worse, wake one! That and a lovely neck friendly pillow to rest my little head on. Oooh and a cheeky movie (whilst I save up for my Sound Asleep Pillow and convince Paul he NEEDS to get me and iphone!) whilst I drop off to sleep.

Anyway, I am off to go and put the 'finks to bed so that I can resume the position under my lovely warm cuddly slanket for the evening. And maybe enjoy a spot of Night at the Museum 2 aswell!

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