Thursday, 18 March 2010

It wasn't my fault... Clara made me do it!

When we dropped Phoebe off at preschool I asked Clara what she wanted to do and she said "Pet Shop!" so we went. It is so much easier to go out with only one child, particularly one who lacks attitude without her sister to egg her on!

Anyway we went and looked at the fish, the reptiles and, of course, the rabbits. We also looked again at rabbit toys and I accidentally bought a stick tunnel, a pop up tent and tunnel (although the second tunnel is a bit big for the run), a chew ball thingy and a hayball with a bell on it. A pretty good haul for the buns I think, although of course annoying when your visa card flys out of your wallet into the payment thingy! Still we had fun putting things in the run for the rabbits, and Clara was very pleased she got to go and say hello to the rabbits.

I admit I am sniggering at the "Adoption" centre in Pets at home though, all of the stories read "Nobody wanted to buy me so now I am up for adoption!". So basically they couldn't flog them when they were smaller and cute so now they are putting them up for adoption... I didn't find out how much they would charge for the difference between buying and adopting. Instead we are getting proper rescue bunnies (although according to Phoebe a rescue bunny will help you when you get into trouble...) who are a bit older and really do need a forever home. Hopefully a bonded, neutered, vaccinated pair of them. We even know what we are going to call them lol!


Daisy78 said...

Sounds like our house. Millie had all the stuff for Christmas & we were going to get our after Easter too, but we are away to South Africa for the whole of July so are getting them when we come back.
Can't wait to hear their names/see pictures of them.

Vix said...

Are you getting rescue buns too?