Sunday, 21 March 2010

My feet hurt!

Today I went to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia. Paul works below the lovely people at Twisted Thread and managed to get me free tickets! An internet weirdy friend Jackie came with us and bought her lovely husband Lee and her fantastic daughter Linnhe too. Phoebe was so excited about meeting her new friend, I did consider calling and warning Olympia what was coming but decided against it!

We had a lovely lunch in Wagamammas and then headed off, to the wrong place. Well I didn't know that Earls Court and Olympia weren't the same place lol! Anyway, a short while later we arrived at the right place and we dispatched the Daddies and the girls down stairs to the restaurant with a collection of DVD's, 2 DVD players and a safe knowledge we could then browse in peace! I spotted a fabulous fabric store and some lovely ginghams that I fancied as PJs for the girls. Jackie and I looked around some more and then headed downstairs to check on everyone. We didn't find them right away but we did fine some Big Knitting... when I say Big I mean BIG! There was someone knitting with needles easily the length of my living room and as wide as mug! It was seriously impressive! We then spotted Phoebe racing around like a loon (what's new there then!) and had a quick drink and cake stop!

It was then time for the second floor which was more geared up to paper craft but Jackie found another Big Knitting stall and bought some fabulous needles which are about the length of my Grandfather's dress sword, and a huge crochet hook. I would love to be able to knit but it just baffles me! I might get Mum to teach me sometime as I know I was able to do it as a child but every time I have tried since has ended in disaster!

I then decided the time was now to spend some money so I went back to the stall with the ginghams and bought 2 metres of each. I also spotted a fabric I have been hankering after since my friend Clare posted a pic of it on Facebook. I wanted it because it matches my dining room chairs but is still slightly different. I am going to make a notice board out of it. I also bought some bright pink felt, green spotted ribbon and some yellow fabric for my new idea I have... I won't say more until I have it underway but I took inspiration from something I saw on a website and I am going to adapt it to be even more useful I hope!

My feet are killing me now and it is time to head to bed, but it was a lovely day and it was fab to get out and about and meet someone who I have been talking to since before both Linnhe and Phoebe were born! We have had a couple of near misses on meeting up before so it was nice to finally touch base with her.

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Hettie said...

It was a great day :)

Jackie x