Monday, 29 March 2010

Potty Training... Mark 2.

Potty training Phoebe was quite easy. She got used to running around naked in the summer and we slowly encouraged her to use the potty when she was sans bottoms. Clara is a more modest creature... well occasionally, she is the child who christened our new living room rug by stripping off and rolling around on it! Anyway, she doesn't like being naked on any one's terms but hers! This morning she happened to strip off so the momentum got me, we haven't got much on this week that requires leaving the house (me, not leave the house if I can get away with it... ahem) so I thought why not!

The end of the day result was Potty:1 Pants:1. She was sans nappy from around 11am until 6.30pm and weed once! I know Phoebe has an iron bladder but dear lordy me... Clara can really hold on. I had been loading her with drink all day so it was the last drink that pushed her over the edge, it was chocolate milkshake (a reward for helping me in the garden!) and she was most upset as she was convinced she had weed pure chocolate milkshake and she wanted it back! She did, however, poo on the potty much to my surprise! She does tell me now that "wee wee goes in the potty and not on the floor!". Phoebe added the last bit in and gleefully told her Daddy when he got in about Clara's accident! She needed a little reminder that she had accidents too when she was learning to use the potty.

Anyway, day 2 tomorrow. Including a swimming lesson (swim nappy will be on until I can trust her a bit more). I hope Daddy remembers to put Clara in her "nic-nics" in the morning!

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