Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mothering Sunday and I am very blessed,  I have two fabulous girls who gave me a card and the Julie & Julia DVD this morning and then let me lie in. I also have one fabulous Mummy and one fabulous Step Mummy, both of whom forgave me for being pants and forgetting to take their cards to my sister's party to hand deliver (they have been posted!).

I have had a lovely quiet mother's day, nice and relaxed. This afternoon we went over to collect more rabbity things from a freecycler (so far we have got a hutch, run, food, hay, bowls, water bottles all from freecycle! Just need the rescue bunnies after Easter!) and then went to a HUGE garden centre near Sevenoaks. It was great... it has a farmers market and loads of brilliant things to look at all under one roof. We looked at yet more rabbity things, and toys and we had a go in the play area. Then we bought cake and came home for a quiet tea and (yet another) view of Monsters Vs Aliens.

I admit I am feeling a little glum as I think of all the women who either should be Mummies or who are missing their children today. I am also sad for everyone who can't tell their Mummy they love them today. I know one of my best friends, Mahri-Claire, is desperately missing her first baby boy, Noah, today and I know he is looking down on her and smiling at how wonderful a mother she is. I am sure he is proud of how fabulously she cares for his younger brothers everyday and loves her dearly for that and all the love she holds in her heart for him. I could mention so many others who have lost babies or haven't had the chance to be a mother as they so desperately wanted to be, I won't but I hope they know they are held in my heart today and I wish I could share a little of the joy my girls give me with them to ease their pain.

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

I know what you mean - there are so many people not able to be mums it almost feels wrong to revel in my family