Monday, 29 March 2010

The assault on the garden continues.

Today Phoebe, Clara and I dug over the front garden... well I did most of it. Poor neglected space has been covered with weed suppressant and stones for, well, a long time. So after Paul and the girls removed all the stones to the  back garden (making a large bed look finished!) at the weekend. Today I got out the fork and worked it through, raked it, admired various bugs and worms like a dedicated mother and stopped mud fights.

Tomorrow we will dig the chicken poo in (apologies in advance to my neighbours, it is a necessary evil!) and get as many of the stones out as we can (heouge stone not withstanding, although I have dug it out so it just needs moving). Then we will go to swimming via B&Q and purchase a few bags of topsoil to rake over the top to smooth it out. On Wednesday we will pop out to the garden centre and buy a sufficient amount of turf and lay it. I will also buy the plants for my lovely planter and a nice round paving stone. On Wednesday afternoon Paul is home so I can go to a de-loony appointment so he can move everything into position and do the finishing touches. Hopefully the traditional bank holiday weather will prevail over Chez Vix (whilst it will be sunny and lovely in Wiltshire where we are spending the holiday, well I can dream!) and nature will water everything in nicely.

Photos to follow when it is complete!

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