Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Impatience thy name is Vix

We are getting rabbits. We are getting 2 of them after Easter as we are away Good Friday - Easter Monday. This means I have 20 days to wait until cuddly buns arrive. I WANT THEM NOW!

We have a hutch and run set up in the garden tempting me, we have grooming kits, we have food, we even have a bit of hay. And still no bunnies. I am spending a lot of time searching for bunny toys and the best bedding etc. I cannot wait!

I hope Kit doesn't mind them too much, she is being rather lovely after her brush with the fox's teeth. Although she is still very pissed off she has to wear The Cone Of Shame:

Now that is one pissed off puddy tat! However the infection has gone, she has finished ABs and her wound is healing amazingly fast (seriously it is incredibly impressive!)

I think she had a bit of a mortality check with the fox thing, she has been much more loving and tolerant of late. Given that she is generally Ramkitty this improvement has been welcomed by us all, I hope it continues after she has fully recovered but I don't hold out much hope!

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