Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Update on my to-do list...

So I have done two things. Jack and Shit.... wail!

Not good.

My new corset hasn't arrived yet so I don't know if my costume is going to work so no point doing anything else until it is here really, I can't afford to make a tutu & wings for the hell of it. We have to leave early on Friday morning to get to the lunch Liz is having with us and the parents so if it isn't here tomorrow I am screwed! I have NO other ideas. I haven't started on the other 3 yet because, well, I am lazy and a bit fed up of having to do it all on my own. I think Paul's may be left until just before we go to the party so we can get the right shirt together (and he can pay for his own costume). Phoebe can wear the same costume as she wore to Lexi and Rowans as I can't be bothered making a new cape. As for Clara, I see a trip to ELC happening and a purchase of a labcoat from a doctor set or something.

I have just made the first cake and it is baking now and the lovely MyBecky got the icing for me as she walks past the shop on a school run. So at least that is going to happen (well if I go to Sainsbury's to get more eggs, caster sugar and a cake board of course...). I would have gone this morning whilst the girls were at school but I had to take Kit to the vet and then go to Pets At Home for a decent litter tray as she is housebound for another couple of weeks because her bite is still healing (it is quite spectacular) and slightly infected still.

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