Sunday, 7 March 2010

My poor puss-cat and other stories!

Poor Kit had an altercation with a fox leaving her with a nasty bite on her left hip. Of course with it being Sunday it meant a trip to the emergency vets. An added complication was that our friends Jane and Mike had come for lunch and the injury was discovered about half an hour before they arrived. However we weren't able to get an appt until later on that afternoon so it wasn't too much of a problem, more an annoyance. Kit has been pumped full of antibiotics as even 24 hrs after it was already infected, we have some more pills to give her over the next couple of days and I have to take her back to our regular vet for them to check the wound and see if it needs stitching. She is also wearing a cone, now dubbed The Cone of Shame after having seen Up one too many times since it's release on DVD. Phoebe and Clara have been very well behaved with her and have left her alone a lot with only a "Owwww, poor kit" when looking at her wound. She is currently sat next to me feeling sorry for herself! She is 10 now so getting old bless her and she must have gone through far too many of her 9 lives in her time. She has ripped her flesh coming through a window, been hit by a car (hurt her toe!) and numerous other near misses... I seem to lean to dependants who are slightly kamikaze don't I!

Aside from that we have had a lovely weekend, we went out for the first time in about 6 months last night. We had a fab dinner in Il Ponte and then we went to see Alice in Wonderland 3D which was very very good. It was nice to be out with Paul, just us and at night. That day we had been to Homebase and taken advantage of the 15% weekend and bought a new rug, a radiator cover, looked at paints, bought compost and other bits and bats. I even found a gorgeous key box that fits in with the kitchen decor perfectly!  I am getting more and more excited about decorating the living room and just want to get on with it now. I am mostly excited about having a working fireplace soon!

Then today Jane and Mike and their ace children Rowan and Lexi came up for lunch. The kids had such a good day playing and being lovely with each other! It is so lovely to have 4 children who all get on so well together. I can't wait until August when we go on holibobs with them! Because the children get on so well we let them sit at the little table in the living room to eat their lunch watching Up. Whilst the adults benefited from the side effect and dined in peace in the dining room (fast cook, long rest beef... soooo yummy, plenty of moooooo still in it). And I, finally, got to try the kentish delicacy of Gypsy Tart.... I think I may be one of the few people born outside of Kent who was enamoured. I fail to see what is not to like though, sweet pastry - Yum, Whipped evaporated milk - Yum, Brown Sugar - Yum! Put them together and it is 3 kinds of yum all in one tart!

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Rachel said...

Beef - yum!

Gypsy tart? I almost guarantee I'd love it!

Slightly jealous of the working fireplace too. Will be toasty in winter. Mmmmmm!