Monday, 22 March 2010

2 days until we find out about Big School....

Phoebe will be 5 in December, therefore we have applied for a school place for her. As Pagans it is important to us that Phoebe and Clara go to a non denominational school. I have no problem with them learning about other faiths what so ever, in fact I actively encourage it. They know that Grannie and Grande go to church when they can and that Jesus was born on Christmas Day (small issue with wanting birthday cake and insisting on singing Happy Birthday to Jesus last year, but it was entertaining!). I think it is healthy to be all accepting of people's beliefs.

However I also work hard at telling them about the things we celebrate, the wheel of the year and the movement through the seasons. At Yule (21st December) we have lots of traditions like decorating our tree and celebrating the return of the light to the world, in the spring we celebrate and notice the new life coming all around us and so forth. They know the pendant I wear around my neck is The Goddess who represents the earth and loves us as a mother. When they get older I will introduce the idea of The God too, but as that involves reproduction I will hold off for a while lol! It is important to me to pass on the values and respect for not just other people but everything around us that my faith holds.

Anyway, there are only 3 non denominational schools in our area. School choice one is slightly further away but very bright and with a lovely head mistress and it is also an infant school. School choice two is closer but a bit, well, grey for us I think, I can't explain any more than that really! School choice three is the only other non denominational school in the area, we didn't get to meet the headteacher or even see the building as they are moving so we have no real idea about it but it was non denominational so given the option of that and a denominational school it was the better option for us.

We get the result on Wednesday and I am terrified! It is mad that I have to make these huge decisions for Phoebe and Clara, I am barely capable to make big decisions for myself never mind the girls! I am getting more and more edgy as the day gets closer, some school one vibes would be very much appreciated! I find out on Wednesday at 12noon (yes I will be trying to log on to the internet system at 12.00.01 to find out and put myself out of the stress I am feeling it now!) and I just want to know NOW!

Don't even get me started on school uniform shopping, I am half debating making a Phoebe / Mummy day for school clothes shopping or just going out and doing it (except shoes of course!). Sooooo many choices [head explodes!].


Daisy78 said...

Fingers crossed you get your first choice school. x

Daisy78 said...

How did you get on?