Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ufff! What a weekend!

Yesterday I had two photoshoots, they went fabulously! However the journeying to and between them was HORRID! I encountered roadworks, emergency road closure, an out of date parking system and then the coppers (who thankfully let me off with a slapped wrist, I had forgotten to put my seatbelt on in all the fluster getting out of the carpark to get down the road to the clients house. Stupid of me!). Getting home was great and I was in bed and asleep by 9.30, practically unheard of!

Whilst I was out of the house Paul and the girls dug the raised bed over and planted onions, garlic and parsnips. They also planted tomatoes and some lettuce, we just have some peppers and rocket to do. Oh and a pumpkin which we do on my birthday... I hope it fruits and it survives this year!

Paul let me have a lie in this morning because it was clear I was dead to the world and totally banjaxxed when the girls got up! When I got up we went to the garden centre as we decided today was the day to sort out my herb garden. We found 6 herbs for £10 and a gorgeous clematis for the (newly de-stoned thanks to Paul's hard work yesterday) front garden to make the wall onto the pavement look a bit prettier. We also bought 6 terracota pots and 3 pot hangers and a few other bits. When we got home we first hung up my gorgeous newly made notice board (using the  fabric I bought at the craft fayre):

Then we set to planting and putting up the pot hangers. I also painted the names of the herbs on the pots for easy identification purposes. I am very pleased with the end result:

We then attacked pruning the Passion Flower along one side of the garden. It didn't cope too well with the snow this winter so there was a lot to hack back. I then potted the clematis (we don't want want it to go nuts!) in the front and we had a quick move around of pots and some chicken poo distribution and we are finally done!

We also have a plan to pretty up the front, we are going to dig it over (with chicken poo) flatten it and then turf it! We were going to make it a flower bed but we both think it will look cleaner turfed. We have a lovely pot we took from my late Grandfather's garden that I am going to plant up with a few trailers and something statementy in the middle.

Gardening is SO satisfying!


Daisy78 said...

Greenfingers you two :)

I have a lovely blank canvas as my back garden that you can come and sort out if you like - nothing too high maintenance! I'll feed you cake and look after the girls.

Vix said...

Don't hold your breath! We have been here for 5.5 years and are only just getting to grips with the garden lol!