Thursday, 4 March 2010

Phoebe gave me a surprise tonight...

We always read two stories at bedtime, both girls pick one and then pile into Phoebe's bed with various cuddly friends (far too many!). Today Phoebe picked "Bear Hunt" having had a bear hunt to finish of her Teddy Bear Picnic today. I went to take it to start reading it and a little hand snatched it out my reach

No Mummy, I read it to you. Sit here [patting bed next to her]

She then proceeded to do pretty much the entire book from memory! We haven't read it that many times, and certainly not recently.

I am amazed by her, she has such a sponge memory... actually very like mine. If she sees something performed she is able to remember it very very quickly (she can do all the mouse bits from Gruffalo, complete with high pitched voice too!). Ok there is a lot of repetition in children's books but it is a hell of a start! I love how she delights in being able to "read" a book back to me now. I love reading to them and do frequently throughout the day. They both love nothing better than cuddling up with a book with me, it is lovely!

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