Friday, 26 March 2010

So we got our school result.

It isn't good. It was our 3rd choice, emergency choice, the one we put just so we didn't end up in a church school. I shouldn't have written it on the form, I had a wibble about it just after closing date and it was too late. Boy I regret it now (although we could still have ended up there!).

I drove up past it yesterday, it is still a building site so we can't go and look around. Whilst googling the location I found the advert for the Headteacher so we can't even talk to them and find out the ethos of the school. I have a bit of insider information too which isn't good. I really couldn't be more upset about it all.

At 12 noon yesterday I checked the results. I quickly called Paul to tell him and then I was straight on the phone to the LEA to get on waiting lists for our other choices and to express my upset. I will be calling them back later to go on the waiting list for another school near Mybecky's house because I would rather travel 20 minutes in the car twice a day than send her to the school we have been allocated. Her girls go to that school so if it works better for me to take Phoebe over to Becky's house early to avoid traffic then so be it.

ETA: I just got the letter, we were out of the catchment for our other 2 schools by 100yrds. 100 poxy bloody yards!

I is one unhappy Mummy who could do without this stress!


Muddling Along Mummy said...

Oh no, I'm sorry - fingers crossed about the waiting lists ... isn't it a horrid horrid process

clux said...

Oh no - so sorry to hear that. I went through the same thing this time last year and its horrible. I applied for 4 schools for my daughter. We live in South London and our favourite school is 525m away which you'd think wouldn't be too far but it is! We got given NONE of our choices and instead allocated a place at a school I would never ever send my children to. We were 7th on the waiting list for our first choice. A few months later we got offered a place at our second choice school so my daughter started there in January and after 10 days was offered a place at our favourite school - thank goodness!!

My advice is find our where you are on the waiting list, try to make contact with the head person in the school office and phone them often enough that they know you're totally determined to get a place there, but not so often they start to get really annoyed! Our place came up the day after the council passed control of the list to the school.

Good luck. And don't despair - a lot of movement happens on the waiting list before term starts. I thought we had no hope but we got there in the end.

Daisy78 said...

Sorry to hear that. If you don't get one of your choice I agree agree about looking further afield. We have just moved 10 mins car drive from where we used to live and I now take Mill by car to her school and it isn't that bad. Just gutting that it's way too far to walk toovwhen the weather is fine.
Good luck & don't give up x

Clare said...

Oh, sorry to hear that! Keep up the pressure re: waiting list and fingers crossed for you. x