Wednesday, 25 November 2009

So far Not Good. It's one of THOSE days.

Small child has cough and was up half the night moaning sporadically. I didn't sleep until 1am but wasn't productive at the same time (unless you count playing bejewelled blitz on Facebook... so, erm, no!). This morning we were late to preschool. The only successful mission was the one to Sainsburys to get the Flaxseed so I could finish part of a gift. Got home and lost all sewing mojo and now the last sewing machine needle I can find has broken whilst I was trying to fix my ironing board cover. Half a bag done so I suppose that is a minor achievement. I was late getting the girls, Clara fell asleep before we got home (it is literally round the corner!) but woke up as soon as we got in so it took some serious cuddling to get her to go back to sleep, intersperced with her whimpering "no sleep, want to play" and Phoebe's very loud "Mummy, can I have popcorn? Mummy can I have a sammidge? Mummy Whatchoo doing wiv Clara?" etc etc etc. Clara is finally asleep in bed and I hope she wakes up in a better mood, Phoebe has been sated with microwave popcorn (hey, it fell into the basket in Sainsburys).

I have to get Mum's birthday lunch sorted in the next two days and make her birthday cake. Neither of which I mind doing and am quite looking forward to it is just finding the time and energy to actually DO it. At least her birthday gift is now totally sorted and just needs wrapping so that is one less thing isn't it!

I also have to sort out Phoebe's 4th birthday invitations for next Sunday, I did have them done last night but then a small child found a biro and well, it would be quiet charming if you could read beyond the scribbles. Next week is going to be filled with doing as well, birthday cakes (currently she is wants a spiderman cake.... all that blue icing [sob]) party food and decorations. As well as looking at the other two potential schools for her on Monday (hurrah for extra day at preschool for Clara).

I also have my emergency appt with the CPN (community psych nurse) tomorrow so I am terrified about that too. My friend Jane made an observation on Monday that it is no wonder mothers take longer to recover from depression as just stopping is very rarely doable. Man, what I wouldn't give to just stop for a bit.

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l'optimiste said...

good luck for tomorrow. just be calm [hard I know!] and everything will fall into place eventually.

The birthday gift is FAB :o)

I know what you mean about stopping for a bit. And I don't have any kids!! Here's to a CALM Christmas?