Thursday, 19 November 2009


Did you hear that? That is the sound of reality hitting me. My baby is going to big school in a year, how?!

Phoebe is 4 on December 6th. Her Primary School application has to be by the 4th December and today we saw the first of 3 potential schools for her. I loved it, it was bright and fun and colourful, the head teacher had a fabulous voice, big hair and wore bright pink tights and came across as a lovely warm woman. However as her talk about the school went on I realised by little baby was going to be going to big school and that it is going to be a whole new episode in her life that was going to start! And we are responsible for the choice of school (well, ish).

Phoebe is so little, so funny and has such a HUGE personality (no, really she does!). She learns in a funny way and is very on the button with most things. She has a cracking sense of humour and a very good grasp of sarcasm and is certainly not afraid to make her opinion known to all and sundry. How is this little unique person going to fit in with 30 other children in her class. How are all her needs going to be met in the scrum. I don't doubt that they will but right now the logistics fail me.

We have two more schools to see, which we are doing on the 30th November and then we have to put them in order of which one we want before sending the application. How do I choose? I loved the one today but I haven't seen the others, what if I hate them or, worse I think, what if I love them all and Phoebe hates it when she starts.

I have brain ache from thinking about it all!


neilandlynne said...

I keep telling myself that if it turns out that E is unhappy, changing schools after term starts isn't impossible and indeed there may be extra places available as families move away etc.

Alternatively, you'll choose a lovely school, and with her wonderful personality Phoebe will be happy wherever she goes. xx

l'optimiste said...

uff. glad I never had kids...