Wednesday, 11 November 2009

5 down 2 to go....

I have spent tonight making the 3 Morsbags I was meant to make last night but I got a bit too involved in The Sims3 (how long does it take an elder to snuff it now?! She is 114 days and counting... poor Mr Sim has his MIL hanging about like mouldy laundry!). I even did a little gusset thing to them (I hate that word) so they could be stood up a bit or fit more in side by side. They look pretty cool! I hope the teachers at the girls' preschool like them! I just have to find some tasty treats for us to make to put in them, no chocolate or nuts. I am seeing snowflake marshmallows and maybe some cinder toffee.

Alas there are 7 teachers at preschool and not 5 and I am out of fabric. This means braving Ikea again, urgh. Maybe I can buy a new tape measure so I can finally measure up for Baby Big Bum's nappies.

Hopefully I will sleep tonight, I didn't last night until 5am. I am shattered but as soon as my head touches the pillow my mind starts racing. I could take a diazepam but I don't want to unless I really have to, I feel like I am doing better at the moment and my slightly screwy brain tells me that if I take one I am failing myself. I know I am warped. I promise if I see 2 am and I still haven't slept I will take one. Time to go and pack away my sewing machine for another evening I think... I have already lost two bobbins to the beasties in the morning rampage [grumble].

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l'optimiste said...

diazepam...hmm. I was given that for my insomnia during chemo. Like you, I tried not to take it. It made me nervous. Which, in hindsight [always crystal clear!] seems a bit masochistic. I was sleeping about an hour a night. NOT a good plan. I still suffer with sleeplessness. Same as you, my head goes horizontal, and my brain decides it can become a speedway of idiotic or unpleasant thoughts.

Now I read. A LOT. Sometimes wake up with the book plastered to my face.

It seems to me that taking it or not taking it is neither here nor there. Feeling in control is the plan. Do what makes you feel better. Apart from feeling exhausted I mean ;o)

Cool bag!