Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Woo, I have finally started.

I am now one dolly change bag & mat down. Small glitch with the nappies, it would appear the girls' dollies have larger backsides than the pattern I have allows for. That and my measuring tape appears to have been absconded somewhere so I can't measure up right now. Mucho frustrating.

Last night I made 2 morsbags, tonight I will aim to make 3. I am hoping that the Beloved will remember to help me tonight so it should speed things up. Then I will have to face Ikea again for more fabric for the other 2 (and maybe another couple of fleece blankets...).

Tomorrow night I plan on making the other nappy bag and change mat. And, if of course my measuring tape resurfaces, 4 nappies for the dolls. Then I just have to think about making some kind of clothing, I may cheat here and head to the local Mothercare / Next with the doll and buy a couple of new babygrows they can wear.

On Friday my plan is to start on the Well Woman Packs.

Saturday will be the Humpty Dumptys.

Sunday will be the scarves (assuming I can get to the haberdasher for the fleece)

Monday I am going to attempt to finish off the tutus.

Then on Tuesday I am going to my friend Annabel's and we are going to eat Thai Green Curry and make a good stab at a KatyBag by the lovely LiEr on Ikat Bag. This involves Piping and is kind of reliant on if Annabel has a zipper foot or not lol! If it proves too tricky for us poor novices then we might have a go at the gorgeous Bustle Skirt in last months Sew Hip! magazine, which reminds me I really should scan that in for Annabel!

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