Monday, 30 November 2009

So far today Clara has:

Spread my nice moisturiser all over the upstairs hallway and on my, nice clean, carpets.

Spread Butter (again?! I swear it was out of reach... she must have go-go-gadget arms!) all over the kitchen counter and herself.

Stripped herself off completely and screamed when I deigned to put a new nappy on (wee + clean carpets = not good). Gone upstairs and found a whole new outfit then screamed the house down as I suggested she might get a little more wear out of the discarded  outfit and proceeded to attempt to dress herself (none to shabbily either).

Pulled her hair out upteen times and had a tantrum each time that she did it.

Demanded to have a jumper put on and then screamed blue murder when it was.

Oh it has been a long day and I have only had them since 12.30 too. Sob. I wish I could have a drink.

1 comment:

l'optimiste said...

gosh - what a terror! and she looks so sweet! ;o)