Sunday, 29 November 2009

What a weekend!

But a good one!

On Saturday it was my lovely Mummy's [cough] birthday so we all went up to their house for a family lunch. Of course it was a lunch that my sister and I volunteered to cook, and as Liz works (well for someone other than a small child) fulltime I volunteered to do the lions share. This involved making a thai meal and baking a fabulous birthday cake. The menu was this:

Starters were sorted by Liz.

Thai Green Curry
Pad Thai Noodles
Totally Thai Pork Tenderloin


Birthday Cake!

I had most things sorted by Friday night so I only had to make the noodles and salad for the pork on the Saturday. Easy Peasy. The cake Phoebe and I made together and she insisted on a large amount of pink food colouring abuse so consequently we had pink sponge, pink butter icing and pink smarties on the tablecloth and she decorated the cupcakes on top pink with pink accessories. Mum is another pink aficionado so she was thrilled with it. I did however make enough to feed people twice over so I suspect Mum and Rob will be eating Thai for the next week and a half I should think!

Mum was thrilled with her gifts. I made her a Margaret bag:

You have to picture it with a great big pink button on it too, inside it was a framed picture of the girls:

I want to go and get this picture done up as a pencil sketch for my upstairs hallway (there are already a couple of pencil sketches up there that Mum bought for the girls so I thought this would compliment it nicely) but I don't have the funds just now. I will be saving up though!

Today we went out to see our friends Mahri-Claire and Greg with their two fab boys Elijah and Sebastian. We went to the Hungry Horse for lunch and indulged in some rather fine porn food and then we went back to their house for some playtime. We were going to go to the park but as the sea was trying to reclaim the land by air drop we decided against it! Ice cream and baked goods were on order for the rest of the afternoon and the children all wore themselves (and us!) out with rough and tumble. I love how you can always tell when these 4 are having fun as layers get shed the more they get into play. We ended up with two preschoolers in vest and pants and a large toddler in a vest, top and nappy and the baby toddler in just a nappy (and one sock...). Clothes are so over rated for these kids and it is great they feel so at ease with each other and in their own bodies. 
It was great to spend time with other "benign neglect" parents, so relaxed and so much fun and the children always play so wonderfully. Prizes have to go to the Daddies who joined in all the rough and tumble resulting in a pile of tired and giggly children at the end of the day!

On to the rest of the week and we have schools 2 and 3 to view tomorrow... gulp. I am hoping the strip lighting in them doesn't give me a migraine this time!

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