Monday, 30 November 2009

Wooo... productivity rocks!

7 Morsbags - Done
2 Well Woman Packs - Done
5 evening bags - One left to make!
1 shopping tote - Done!
2 Humpy Dumpties - Again, I'll get back to you!
4 Children's hooded scarves - Done!
7 adult scarves - Done
2 Dolly Changing bags (with stuff in) - 1 down, 1 to go.
5 tutus - 2 down 3 to go.

Not bad.... not bad at all!

The evening bags were a cinch, I was saved from KatyBag Hell (sorry LiEr, they are beautiful but I have a very little brain and got so confused, that and I forgot to borrow a zipper foot and Father Christmas isn't delivering mine until the usual date!) and Annabel gave me a pattern for a Tokoyo Tie Bag she had in her S.E.W. book... by the time I got to the end of my fabric I could whip one up in 20 mins inc pattern cutting.

I also did a late night dash last night to ikea for the last lot of Morsbag Fabric and a navy blue fleece to finish my pile of neckwarmers that I have just completed (well I would finish completely if I could find the pile of red ones but they appear to be AWOL so I can't stitch the turn hole closed). And I made the last Morsbag last night so that is done. I just need to find a fabulous biscuit recipe to make up so Phoebe, Clara and I can make Christmas Biscuits for her Preschool teachers but we will do that nearer the end of term. I had a fabulous one but I can't find the recipe book and I have The Fear that it has accidentally gone to the charity shop....bah! Anyone got any fab recipes for cutter biscuits, dough must be able to stand up to toddler bashing?!

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