Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blessed Samhain to All!

We had a lovely one. We weren't home so no extra place setting this year although I don't think The Beloved Departed would have objected too much. Instead we went to our friends Jane and Mike's house for a Halloween Party, mostly for the children but I think the adults had fun too... particularly Capt Pyro (aka Paul) who was put in charge of fireworks once it was nice and dark.

We had a good range of costumes:

2 witches
1 vampire
3 skeletons
1 cat
1 mouse

All the children played beautifully together which was lovely. The Pumpkin Pinata we had been working on for the last 2 weeks went down a storm and the children all enjoyed beating the smeg out of it until it (eventually... must let it dry better next time) it fell to bits and revealed it sweetie innards and a scramble ensued.

Thwacking the Pinata

 Sweetie Scramble!

Clara Triumphant!

Jane has surpassed herself on the nosh, we had all sorts of gruesome goodies, shortbread fingers with red nails (almonds), red jelly with eyeballs (lychees & grapes), stacks of her signature brownies, sausages, hedgehog bread rolls, stink cheese, walnut bread, guacamole, a fantastic homegrown pumpkin.... I could go on. She does, for now, get the Barbie Baking Sheet award for services to parties! Phoebe's party is coming up soon I intend to attempt retrieving it briefly!

Post noshing Paul had a whale of a time setting off fireworks at the bottom of the garden and we all survived unscathed and so did most of the foliage!

We got back very late but feeling very happy and relaxed. It is the first time I have felt chilled outside of my own 4 walls in a fair while. Mind you I have known Jane and Mike for just over 4 years now (I was pregnant with Phoebe when I first met Jane... that is the only reason I can date it lol!) and feel very at home with them, well I would have to be as Jane was there at Clara's birth and that isn't something you share with any old person really is it?!


Daisy78 said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. The pinata looked great too - well done.

Charlotte said...

Looks like a wonderful evening for all! I wish I lived closer to you and J&M - I need more brownies in my life!