Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mummy-needs-to-survive-halfterm party!

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit, has been a busy few days but, for the most part, wholey enjoyable! I have also had a horrid time with anxiety and lost my photo and writing mojo so haven't had the brain space to come and write my witterings or take any lovely pictures (chronic shaking doesn't help on the latter though to be fair!).

On Thursday my friends Mahri-Claire and her lovely husband Greg came with their boys Elijah & Sebastian, Annabel bought Eliza and Hugo and Rachel came with Laura. It was so mild that for most of the day they all ran around the garden, played in the sandpit and generally had a fab time (as judged by minimal tears and maximum tiredness). it was a bit of a risk getting Clara, Sebastian and Hugo in the same place as they are all Kamikaze Kids, however we got through the day without any major incidents from them! Phoebe Eliza and Clara did the first layer of orange paint on the PiƱata and had loads of fun doing that. Elijah, Sebastian & Hugo played in the garden with Greg and had fab fun too. I roasted a chicken for lunch and we all had chicken sandwiches (there is no bad with Roast Chicken... yuuum!). In the afternoon Phoebe stripped off completely and played in the sandpit, Elijah freed himself of his trousers, socks and shoes in solidarity and whilst Greg entertained all the children outside (!) the Mummies got to hang out in the kitchen and natter whilst drinking "sweet nectar of life" (AKA Diet Coke). Mahri-Claire and Greg stayed for tea too which was lovely and Phoebe and Elijah really put loads of effort into their eating competition and both totally cleared their plates! Clara and Sebastian did their best too but being smaller are much more distractable. It was a truly wonderful day and as damn near perfect as I can imagine!

Here is a pic to entertain you that totally sums up the day:

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Daisy78 said...

Sounds like a good day with fab friends.