Sunday, 8 November 2009

Rememberance Sunday, the words ring in my ears.

When I was in 6th Form at Cheltenham College we used to have Sunday practice for Chapel on Fridays. The Friday before that remeberance Sunday we rehearsed the usual hymns and whatnot. Then the Rev rehearsed the words with us. I remember the school muttered "we will remember them" and the Rev got so cross with us and told us that we weren't remembering what we had for lunch, or if it was a birthday we were remembering those brave people who lost their lives to ensure our peace. That the words "we will remember them" should be filled with love, respect and total gratitude to them.

To this day I cannot speak, nor hear those words without remembering the utter conviction that the Rev put behind them and that conviction took it's place in my heart and I thank him for that.

Therefore I stand and declare:

I will remember them.

(Photography by Andrew Daly, isn't it stunning!)

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