Friday, 20 November 2009

Wowzers! my carpets are cream afterall!

My very lovely Daddy and StepMum have paid for my carpets to be cleaned to try and help me feel a bit better and take the pressure off a little. Initially they offered a cleaner but we cope with keeping on top of the house work however the big jobs are the ones I struggle with and end up not getting done. The carpets haven't been cleaned in the 5 years we have been living here and were, well, vile! This is after 2 babies (one of whom had spectacular projectile reflux!), 1 cat and 2 goes of post baby hairloss (I have waist length hair...). Anyway the blokey came today and voila... cream carpets again! I am waiting for them to dry and then I will be going around with the can (or 6) of scotchguard to try and keep them in better shape!

Mummy gave me her floor steam cleaner (Dolores her cleaner eyes it with a large dose of suspicion so it hasn't been used chez Mummy) and it has made my downstairs floors properly clean. I have floorboards and tiles downstairs so keeping on top of mopping is a royal PITA. Steam cleaner is like whipping a hoover round, takes 5 mins and I have clean floors :D.

Having a cleaner house certainly lifts the weight a bit. I don't feel like such a disgraceful sloven so much when the house is clean and my surroundings are tidy. Well as tidy as you can get with two whirling dervish children in residence.

I have the oven cleaning to sort out after Christmas and then hopefully things will be much nicer around here. Of course my living room is a pit and a half because I have been sewing this morning (well the carpet cleaner made a hell of a racket so any telly watching was out of the question). I have now made 4 hooded scarves in a fabulous cow print fleece. I am contemplating making horns and ears to go on them to jazz them up a bit but I can't figure out how I will attach them so they look gorgeous. I also bought the rest of the stuff to make my Katybags as soon as I have fluttered my eyelashes at Annabel and borrowed her zipper foot. I have decide upon Gators (neck warmers) for most of the men in my life so now I just have to chose the fleece. They didn't have any manly fleece in the haberdashers unfortunately so I will be shopping online for that. Do you think Snowflakes make a manly pattern?

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l'optimiste said...

OMG!! oven!! I HAVE to get the oven cleaning man round or we will all die of something hideous at Crimbo...