Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A right of passage?

I think it is... there comes a time when a child simply MUST shove something up their nose doesn't there? I don't remember doing it, my sister did (nasturtium seed if memory serves). Phoebe hasn't yet however Clara did this morning.

I was sorting stuff out of a tip run, breaking down cardboard boxes etc. I came to my sewing machine box and decided I didn't need it so took the polystyrene out and sorted the box then nipped to the car to load it up. I came back to a somewhat shame faced Phoebe and Clara and a snowstorm of polystyrene all over the living room.

For a little while I was reminded of my old family dog Ben who saw it as his sworn duty to rid the world all beanbags... shame he never learned to clear up the mess and left the utility room (Dog bedroom) looking like a scene from the Arctic!

Anyway back to the story. Shortly after I sat down after clearing up Clara came up to me and said "nose" and did a spot of sobbing so I had a look and yes there it was, a firmly wedged bit of polystyrene. Urgh. I spent a few minutes contemplating this dilemma and was just erring on the side of a trip to the walk in clinic up the road when I remembered a nifty trick someone taught me. I pinned her down, blocked the untouched nostril and gave a sharp blow in her mouth and out it popped... I had to do this a couple of times because as is traditional with Clara, why shove just one bit when you can shove several... Pest!


l'optimiste said...

what? no photos of the foam flying out of the nostril?? hehehe

Redbedhead said...

Ah yes, I shoved a button up my nose as a child which resulted in a trip to A & E.

Am loving the tip re getting it out though, I must remember that for future reference!

Daisy011078 said...

Sorry, was it wrong that I laughed out loud at this. Glad she is ok though and no trip to A&E was needed.