Monday, 7 September 2009

Days Out Thumbs Up: Beale Park.

Feeding Pygmy Goats
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On Saturday morning we all jumped in the car to meet up with Paul's sister and parents and the girl's Aunt & Grandparents. Because London - Cheltenham is a long way we decided to meet half way at Reading.

Beale Park
was chosen as the location as it has a fair amount to offer children Little Tikes Play Area (inside and outside), A Paddling Pool (too cold for us to use this time), A Play area with lovely slides, a little train (one free ride with entrance ticket) as well as lots of lovely animals (pets corner, monkeys, birds etc). In fact the only bit we had to Not Do was the Owlery as Clara got upset and thought all the high roosting Owls would fall and was sobbing "Areful!" and "High!" so we had to motor through that bit. The girls especially loved feeding the Pygmy Goats with handfuls of yanked up grass.

There was a lovely covered picnic area plus a nice bit of lawn that could be used too. The cafe we only popped into for the obligatory Ice Cream but it seemed nice, lots of loos around the place too which all seemed to be kept nice and clean.

I think we will probably head there again as it wasn't too far and the price for entrance was reasonable, £25 for a family ticket.

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mary said...

Good to know, it's just up the road and we've never quite made it yet. We were going last year but a vomit-in-car incident scuppered the plan. Shout if you're going again ..