Sunday, 13 September 2009

Happy 60th Gruncle Ian and welcome to Thomas!

We had a lovely day with family yesterday. It was Gruncle (Great Uncle...) Ian's 60th birthday party.
There was fabulous food cooked by Ash and his crew, we had paella, chicken curry & pilau rice (both cooked alfresco) and all manner of delicious Indian treats like Pakoras and Samosas...mmmmm.

Then for pudding we had the traditional (well in our family..) chocolate gateau, words cannot describe how fantastic this cake is... seriously!

It was wonderful to catch up with family too, my grandparents had come up from Bournemouth and the latest member of the family, 3 week old Thomas, even managed with his wonderful parents. Thomas is just gorgeous (and the absolute spitting image of his Daddy!) and it was fabulous to meet him! I think his Grannie maybe just a little bit enamoured!

Phoebe's favourite thing was having her face painted:

Shame it didn't last very long... apparently she decided she would rather be a Kangeroo!

Clara, somewhat predictably, liked the cake best!


l'optimiste said...

so sad to have missed this...I remember that cake! uff...just thinking about it makes me feel like I gained a kilo ;o)

lovely photos babe!

Redbedhead said...

Wow - that cake looks fantastic. I am drooling at it!