Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Yet More Animals!

I have nearly finished in my quest to photograph the animals, only Wilfred, Kenton, Maud and Brel have eluded me thus far. Brel was last spotted on a wander apparently, not unusual for him, and Kenton is a bit dim and forgets where he lives... still I have a week and a bit to work on catching them with my camera!

Jonathan the Seagull (more of his story can be found here)



Rufus The Cockerel

Some of the Chickens

Peppa (tabby) and George (black)

Sophia (Mummy of the kittens)






As for the other wild life, they are having a magnificent time:


Although poor Clara has developed a bit of a cold and is a touch grumpy. No sea for her today I think. We also have Dimitra's party later on this evening so I will find out if she likes the Wings and Tutu outfit I made her!

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l'optimiste said...

love the little films - do think you ought to do a whispered dialogue ala Attenborough! ;o)