Thursday, 3 September 2009

And the Oscar goes too......

Now seeing as I have a 3.5 yr old firmly ensconced as a Threenager and a 2 yr old who is abusing the term Terrible Two we are subject to spectacular strops, tantrums and attacks of The Rage. I swear they are trying to out do each other. I have identified several different forms of tantrums so thought I would share with you.

1, The No Bones Tantrum - The small child lets their entire body go as limp as a dead fish making it nigh on impossible to get them to stand up and do anything or carry them in a normal manner (I am sure they become more slippery when doing this but have yet to fathom how). When this form of tantrum occurs then it is usually in public with a good quantity of onlookers and requires the parent to look like the worst parent in the world by manhandling their child out of the way.

1, The Stiff Bodied Tantrum - Similar to above except instead of going limp they turn their whole body into a substance harder than titanium! I have found that this type attacks when you are trying to get child into a car seat or pushchair against their will. Again the stiffness makes it near impossible to transport them anywhere...

3, The walk of the death row convict - a more passive variety, usually in reference to the word No being the response to what ever junk they are after. This entails them walking a few paces behind you looking like you are leading them to Ol' Sparky, often accompanied by heavy sighing or a low tone sob every now and then.

4, The Rage - This is just when for no apparent reason they are ANGRY. Usually involves as many limbs as possible, flailing wildly and screaming like you are branding them with red hot irons. Can be used in conjunction with any or all of the above forms of protest. The aim of The Rage is just to a, get your own way and b, attract as much attention as is humanly possible in the process.

Does anyone know of any other forms I have missed... I am sure there must be more lol!

I have been reminded by the lovely Mike about "The Flounce"! How I could have forgotten this particular form of protest I don't know as it happens A LOT around here!

5, The Flounce - This is where the hair is flicked, usually with a declaration of "It's NOT fair" and the flouncer, well, flounces out of the immediate vicinity in an overly dramatic manner (think Kevin the Teenager's ape arms). In our house it is often accompanied with a "I'm GOING, I very cross now". As Mike so rightfully says this is generally in response to encouragement to sharing or taking turns.


Michael Brooke said...

The "It's not fair!" claim - invariably made in response to an attempt at encouraging sharing and taking turns.

Vix said...

How could I have missed "The Flounce" [slaps hand on forhead] I shall go and rectify!