Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Christmas Starts HERE... (yes I know it is only September!)

Well, Yule really in our house but hey...!

I have started planning what the girls are getting from Father Christmas already. This will hopefully involve rather a lot of craft stuff from me and hopefully a joyous Christmas Morning filled with Fairies, Superhero's and Dinosaurs.... yes I am planning to make some dress up outfits. The list so far is:

Fairy Tutu's with matching wings and wands.
Superhero capes with relevant letters on the back.
Dinosaur outfits (I have a cunning plan... may not work but I can try).

I may also attempt nurses dresses, belts and capes if I am feeling brave / better at sewing nearer December. Or maybe some "scrubs"... I already have a load of hats and masks to match them (best not to ask LOL). I am quite taken with the idea of a Table Tent (a playhouse made to go over the dining table), they have an outside playhouse but not so great in winter really...

Once I have the girls stuff planned I also have to come up with a brilliant idea for the grown ups... (sorry folks it is home made as much as possible chez moi!). Last year I made a load of sweeties and the girls made reusuable bags (well ok, I bought the bags on ebay) with handprints on them. I, of course, also abused my camera and did some photogifts for people... as well as Christmas cards and thank you cards.

We are in France with my Mum, Stepdad and sister this year so everything also needs to be reasonably transportable. Does anyone have any ideas... the font runneth dry here!


Lynne said...

Last year I made necklaces and bracelets for female friends and desktop calendars for male friends, then gave them all decorated biscuits as well.

Most of them are still speaking to me... ;)

Zebra said...

Vix, if you fancy a career making superhero capes, I could keep you busy for a good while...

I'm so jealous that you've got the sewing maching bug, I've got wonky fingers and an unloved machine.