Sunday, 30 August 2009

Squeak Piggy Squeak!

So apparently I have Swine Flu... just what I need. Still could be worse I suppose, the children could have it! I seem to be blessed with remarkably hardy children who rarely suffer with colds etc. I say suffer because they do get them but they don't seem to get knocked for six by them. When they do get ill, oh boy they get ill. Never will I forget the purple vomitfest that was the stomach bug Clara developed after Phoebe's 3rd birthday party. Poor love was so ill, thankfully it was only a 24 hr thing and she was back on form just in time for her sister to get it. Phoebe, being older, understood what was happening and was actually quite frightened of it, consequently Paul and I slept in her room that night. We got it the next night and oh lord then I felt REALLY sorry for the poor girls!

They do also seem to have precision timing for these sickness and illness boughts. The most spectuacular was Phoebe's outbreak of Chicken Pox shortly after her first birthday. Wouldn't have been too bad if we hadn't discovered she had it in the bathroom's of Geneva Airport having just got off the plane from Gatwick. This was A Very Bad Thing as it is most contagious before the spots break out and whilst they are still blistery. It was even more of a Bad Thing as we had seen one newly pregnant friend and one very pregnant friend... both of whom couldn't remember if they had suffered from CP as a child. Whoopsy! I was also 6 weeks pregnant with Clara but I vividly remember CP from my childhood so I decided against worrying.

Anyway, back to me and the pig flu... so far I have no curly tail or snout so I think I am ok. I am not going to take the antivirals. Mostly because both collection points are a royal pain in the backside to get to and I am not the biggest fan of taking meds unless they are prescibed by a proper doctor and not some internet site. I am , however, mainlining lemsip which is keeping my temp under control and stemming the nose flow. I just have to hope the girls stay clear as I REALLY want Phoebe to be able to go back to Preschool next Monday!

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