Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I miss being able to call in sick.

If there is one thing I really really miss about my old child free life it is not being able to call in sick when you are feeling rough. The swine flu last week wiped me out and then I developed a nasty chest infection on top of that so I am totally floored. However I cannot take to my bed and watch DVDs from under the warmth of my duvet with only occasional forrays downstairs to raid the kitchen for goodies.

Instead I have to dose up, get up and get on with everything. The children still need feeding, ferrying to and from Preschool (well Phoebe anyway), entertaining, nappy changing, bum wiping, rescuing from danger, letting out of the kitchen when they have locked themselves in, the laundry still needs doing, the tidying up needs doing, fights need breaking up etc etc and so on and so forth.

I am 24hrs into Antibiotics so am feeling a bit better, well my chest is I now have a churning stomach from them but hey ho... can't have everything I suppose. At least I am not coughing up a lung every 5 minutes now! 3 more days and I should be back on top again... thankfully just in time to go to Greece for 2 weeks of Sun, Sea and Childcare (one of the biggest upsides of going to stay with family!). Of course that means I have to pack first lol!


MrsB said...

Get Well Soon. Greece will make you well again.

Antibiotics are yuk with stomachs. Poor Clem is on permanent abs so she has to have probiotics daily or she's in agony. :(

Yia Yia said...

I am in training for two weeks of childcare! I'm sure all those years of little sleep, never having time to go to the loo, being covered in sticky finger residue, trying to be enthusiastic about boring toddler games, watching Postman Pat, emptying potties, wiping bums and coaxing small children to eat something other than biscuits will come in useful.XXX

l'optimiste said...

Uff...I know exactly what you mean..being able to call in sick and get paid to have some R&R? Being a mum sounds a bit like being a freelancer! ;o)
Hope you're absolutely better now