Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Phoebe The Fish!

Phoebe Swimming
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Yay my nearly 4 yr old!! Check her out swimming in the sea at Chrissi Millia. It had pond like qualities today and Phoebe couldn't keep out of the sea. We had left Clara at home with Papous and YiaYia after she had a large attack of The Rage whilst attempting to get her into her sunsuit. So it was lovely to have just Phoebe on her own for a couple of hours and I think she rather liked the 2 on 1 attention for a change!

I think my favourite bit was when she saw the fish swimming around our feet, next year we try and get her snorkelling I think!

We also, for the first time, reaped the benefit of the girls learning to swim so early. Clara fell in the swimming pool at yesterday's excursion to Milia Bay and was able to turn herself around and get back to the ladder where she had slipped in before Paul could get to her. So proud and very relieved!

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