Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Clara's first morning at preschool

A landmark occasion! She was so excited to finally be going, she wouldn't stay still for a picture but just raced down the path to the car and bounced to get in. When we go there I got her bag and her coat on her peg before she dashed off again, coming back only briefly to hug her keyworker and say bye to me.

The house is so quiet, I am about to go and pack for our holiday but I couldn't not share this with you all. I'll let you know how she got on later!


l'optimiste said...

she is adorable!! poor you - you will miss her... ;o)

MrsKPNut said...

Do you feel it's a bitter sweet moment? Happy she's grown up but sad she's growing up fast too? xx

Daisy011078 said...

Oh Clara, so grown up! Hope you have a good first day. Will check back later for an update of how you've got on.
Well done to Mummy and daddy too for raising a confident gorgeous girl. x