Sunday, 20 September 2009

More Animals and some Jolly Holibob tales.

Today we went up to the Old Town on Alonissos and had crepes for lunch (adults had savoury Phoebe and Clara had chocolate ice cream ones...

Then we headed to the beach, Phoebe told everyone in hearing distance where we were going much to the look of horror on all the Greek faces (they now consider it too cold for swimming and were mostly wearing Denim Jackets, scarves etc to keep warm). We popped into a shop first and the Greeks are incredibly generous to children. On their first morning Phoebe and Clara scored between them 2 lollipops, a punnet of strawberries and some biscuits. This was lovely until Phoebe received the punnet of strawberries in the grocers and said:

"In the other shop, the lady gave me a lollipop"

Thankfully a, I wasn't there to pray for the ground to swallow me whole and b, the Grocer lady doesn't speak English... phew!

Today they got 2 packets of biscuits and a Tomato, well ok Clara got the tomato after pointing to it in a Justinesque way and saying"

"Look, Tomato"

Which she then proceeded to tell everyone we passed and us several hundred times before it was despatched into a hedge at the beach (it did look as though it had been occupied to be fair).

Anyway, at the beach it was pretty wooshy... I have never seen this beach wooshy so that was a surprise. Phoebe was in total heaven and literally bounced out of her clothes and into her swimsuit and was off. Clara a little more reticent but quietly enjoyed it I think. We all ended up going in which was nice and Phoebe was able to show off her swimming skills (she swims at a 6 yr old level dontcha know...) both with the waves and in the brief gaps. Here are a few pics:

Oh and I have more animals for you too:





Aren't they gorgeous!

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Hazel said...

Gorgeous pics of cats and children alike - can't believe how grown up P is looking! Hope you're having as lovely a holiday as it sounds xx