Sunday, 20 September 2009

The best thing about Papous and YiaYia's house...

The animals! Ones that don't savage you as soon as look at you (well not many of them anyway!) and the girls are in dog, cat, chicken, goose and seagull (yes you read that right) heaven here!

At last count my parent's own

2 Dogs (Nancy & Carter)
17 Cats (Joyce, Alix, Luca, Sebastian, Arthur, Vincent, Maud, Grace, Brel, Niles, Daphne, Kenton, Lil, Wilfred, Sophia, Peppa and George).
2 Geese (Stacy & Nessa)
Lots of Chickens (Cock is called Rufus and the best layer is my name sake!)
1 Seagull called Jonathan

There was a tortoise called Ursula but she has gone AWOL. I have decided my mission for this holiday is to photograph all the animals for you. The chickens I will do En Masse though as I have watched the making of Labyrinth and am prepared to take Jim Henson's advice to not attempt to direct Chickens.

As a start here is Nancy (smallest and least camera shy dog)

Carter: Large, gangly and lovable

I'll be back with more as and when I get pics of them!

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Daisy011078 said...

Can't wait to see the Geese - one has the same name as me, except I have an e in mine. Hope you're having a good time. x