Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Phoebe Bingo

Phoebe Bingo
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We are a week and a half into our holiday and after numerous outbursts from Phoebe along the lines of:

I don't want to.
I'm Cold
I'm Freezing
I'm Exhausting (you think?!)

etc etc. We decided that a small game of Phoebe Bingo was required so Jane mocked up some cards on our lunch napkins and we have been playing since. I have 2 lines and am currently just an "I'm cold" and a "I don't like it" away from Victory.

Of course as soon as we started playing Phoebe clammed up tighter than, well, a clam! Took her a while to loosen up and then we started!

The only rule is No Prompting (just been busted by Jane whispering it sotto voche whilst waving a milk frother! Hmmm, it wasn't a winning shot so we will let it go). It has kept us amused all afternoon, I can heartily suggest it as a method for coping with the mosquito like whine of a nearly 4 yr old.

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Redbedhead said...

So funny! It looks like lovely weather over there so am surprised at the claims of being cold.