Thursday, 10 September 2009

Project Fairy Starts Here!

Right, I have a test subject for my fairy outfit plan. A little girl in Greece with the fabulous name of Dimitra is having a birthday the weekend we get to the island so the girls get to enjoy a Greek Birthday Party. So long as there is cake Phoebe will be happy, this is the child that sat down at her YiaYia's 50th birthday party and said "so this party then" paused for confirmation and then asked "where the cake?!" well at least she stands by her priorities. Anyway a phone call to YiaYia last night confirmed that Dimitra would love a fairy outfit, so today I have staggered (literally, I may have overdone it a touch) to my local Haberdashers and have purchased the following:

2 types of elastic
1.5 metres of cream Tulle
1.5 metres of white organza with a sparkle to it
0.5 metres of lilac satiny stuff
4 metres of lilac ribbon

I originally planned to use a tutorial I found on the interweb for the tutu but I decided I didn't like the waistband so I am going a bit flare. As for the wings, I don't like those stiff ones you just pin to their backs. Both of my girls like to flap their arms when they are flying, so I am going to attempt wings that go along with that theory... I will be back later with status updates and maybe a tutorial or two. TTFN x


Daisy011078 said...

Sounds wonderful, hope there'll be a photo of the finished article.

Yia Yia said...

I am having visions of all the little girls here on the island running around in fairy costumes - how long are you staying??