Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Yay for my little fish!

Today I was told Phoebe, my 3 yr 9 month old daughter was swimming like a 6 year old! I really couldn't be more proud of her!

When I had Phoebe Mum said she would fund one activity for us, knowing we don't have much spare money for such things. We chose swimming and at 12 weeks we started going and have been pretty much weekly ever since. We chose swimming as I loved swimming when I was little and even now (I am told I have very good technique by my Personal Trainer!) and it is also the one sport that can also save your life.

When I had Clara Paul arranged with his boss to go in a bit later so he could take Phoebe in for me and then Clara started swimming at 10 weeks old and I took over doing both their lessons on my own, this has been SO much easier since Phoebe started going in without me. We have had several teachers, the longest so far has been Carone. She has been Clara's teacher since the start and Phoebe's since she was around 9 months old. She was there through Phoebe's less certain times... she is a 0 - 100% kind of child, won't do anything until she knows she can do it and then she excels at it. Until she figured out swimming she was very very nervous and didn't like letting go of the bar or jumping in. Carone and I worked really really hard together with her, establishing a trust with Carone, enabling Phoebe to feel at home and easy with her. And then, one wonderful day, it all just came together and she swam! In a short time she has progressed so far and now she is top of her class and spends most of the class underwater or thrashing herself across the pool. She was so close to getting her 5 metre badge today, we will be putting her through her paces on holiday in the hope she will get it when she gets back.

Clara has always been happy in the water, in 2 years I can't think of a lesson where she has cried or not wanted to lob herself bodily into the pool. We joke and call her Demo Baby as if you want to demo it, she'll do it!

Alas we heard today that Carone will no longer be our teacher after the end of this term. Apparently on hearing this news the first children she thought of were mine, I am sure she says that to everyone but I was very touched. We are very sad and I really wish I could transfer to the day she will be doing but there aren't classes for Phoebe on that day and Clara will be going up a class, and therefore in alone, soon too. Still onwards and when Phoebe and/or Clara are in the Olymipic Swim Team years from now she will get that warm fluffy feeling that she taught them to swim, and taught them well!

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l'optimiste said...

ah chica!! so nice to have beautiful children that make you proud! :o)