Monday, 14 September 2009

Delaying the inevitable....

Ahhh I love bedtime, at least I love an easy bedtime. Tonights was a bit of a trial courtesy of Phoebe. We had a lovely time playing with some friends this afternoon, much fun was had and 3 hours went by so very fast. Phoebe had so much fun that she passed out in the car on the way home... not good.

When bedtime came around we decided against bath or shower and we (royal of course) gave them a swift flannel wash, teeth clean and skinned them I mean hair brush. Phoebe decided I was the meanest Mummy for brushing her hair so went off with Daddy and Clara for a Charlie and Lola book (thank heavens as I loathe them...). Then when she finally deigned to get into bed we had the following stop starts to bedtime.

  • Need to hide from Daddy (under the bed covers)
  • Need to hide from Gogoi (imaginary friend, again under the covers)
  • My nose needs to say goodnight ("eskimo kiss")
  • I neeeed my Daaaaaaaddy (he goes up... makes her go to bed resulting in:)
  • I neeeeeed my Muuuuuummmmmmy (I go up, make her go to bed resulting in:)
  • I neeeeeeeeeeeed Goooooooooogooooooooooi (where upon I had to use the emergency imaginary friend phone to ring him and ask him to come back from Town... where she said he was)
  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaddy I need Gogoooooi (open and close the front door, welcome Gogoi and send him upstairs to bed)
  • Muuuuuuummmy (I decide to leave her until it escalated into near wall to wall screaming) I neeed to paint your face with a white tiger... no an orange tiger.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thank heavens for lovely lovely pink wine. I swear if that child had a skipping rope she would make us jump it all the time. I love her dearly but I miss the days when you could put her in bed, hand her Moose and Dummy (which has since been absconded by The Dummy Fairy and replaced with a cuddly Wall.e toy) and not hear a peep... remind me when she is a teenager and I have to wrench her out of bed with strong ropes and a winch!

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