Thursday, 1 October 2009

Last Greek Blog for 2009... sob!

Well we have had 2 glorious weeks here with my Dad and Jane. The girls, for the most part, have been fabulous and well behaved. The cats, dogs chickens & seagull will recover with some good counselling and possibly valium... As for Dad and Jane, well they will stop rocking soon. Not for a while though they have Father Avraam's 3 month old Jack Russell cross bouncy puppy coming to stay for 8 days on Sunday.

I have been saving the last of the animal pictures for this blog in the hope that Kenton and Brel will reappear however they are still AWOL and are being fed elsewhere. If they come back in the winter Dad and Jane have promised to photograph them for me so I can blog the miscreant kitties. Anywhere here are Maud and Wilfred.


She has a glandular problem M'kay? And an attitude problem but we will skim over that.


Poor Wilf, he just wants a friend. He has tried all the other cats to no avail and even the seagull isn't fussed.

Now Paul and I face the Boat Trip, The Flight, The Train and The Taxi to get home with 2 small children who will be a, tired and b, missing their Papous and Yia Yia. Damn them for changing the rules on medised (not that I would drug my children... oooh no [whistles]. I am hoping the house is still in one piece (and one place...) and the cat is going to be too miffed with us for going and leaving her with the neighbours popping in daily. Only time will tell, I am looking forward to curling up in my bed tomorrow night though, and the girls sleeping through.

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l'optimiste said...

oo poor Wilf - now I am worried about him...hope you had a good trip!