Thursday, 22 July 2010

Last day of Pre School.

It is official, Phoebe is no longer a Pre Schooler. Today was her last day, they had a party with their regular entertainer Mr Spotty and from Phoebe's excitable descriptions they had a fantastic time! I am not ashamed to admit I found it very difficult not to cry when I picked her up. She ran around and gave all the workers hugs and said goodbye. She gave them a big box of Thorntons chocolates and a lovely card. Then for Becky she chose a Momiji Doll, which we thought was right up her street. Phoebe chose the "Lucky" doll for her, and it is very cute:

and in the bottom of the doll there is a hole for a note and we wrote saying "To Becky, my first and best teacher". I believe I made her cry, twice... oops! She was, and indeed still is for Clara, a fantastically supportive Keyworker to her and a fab friend for me.

I can't believe that Phoebe is now a school age child! She is my baby, how has she gone from this:

to this:

in what feels like a blink?!

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