Thursday, 29 July 2010

There will be tears before bedtime!

Phoebe today has learnt a valuable lesson about doors and how they are not play things. Despite her father and I telling both girls this regularly the only way to learn is via exploration. So I heard the following earlier:

Slam / laugh / Slam / laugh / muffled slam / SCREAM.

Yup,  Phoebe has slammed her thumb in the door resulting in a scraped thumb, a little cut and, I suspect, a soon to be black thumb nail. Of course she has totally over reacted as always and has been sobbing that she will never be able to have another bath again (ha, you can hope kid!) since and has promptly passed out on the sofa.

I suspect tonight is going to be another long one as I can't wake her up.


l'optimiste said...

snort / laugh / snort / laugh - I am so mean...but really! too funny! ;o)

Vix said...

Not nearly as funny as yesterday's sneeze / headbutt of table. I am so evil because I laughed first and checked she was ok second!

Carole said...

Rosie and I think you should make your blog about the girls into a book !! Au revoir xxxx